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Nebula Helmet Eye-Shield Visor

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Assortment of Colors to Pair with Any Uniform Combo

Football Visors have quickly become one of the most stunning displays of style and intimidation. Sleefs impact and scratch-resistant visors allow you to storm the field with an extreme level of confidence. There are over 50 colors/styles meant to pair with any uniform and give you an all-pro look. Sleefs visors also provide durability and can be used repeatedly throughout a season. Most importantly, the material stays compact, allowing maximum vision. All visors come with one microfiber pouch and one pair of universal clips.


  • Scratch Resistant for durability through games
  • Clips included for easy installment and security
  • UVA/UVB Resistant
  • Variety of colors for incredible views
  • Protection from opponents fingers and obstructing objects


  • Imported
  • Polycarbonated
  • Fits most helmet designs
  • Over 100 different colors

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