Durable Clear Visors

A helmet eye-shield visor can protect your eyes from many dangers. We offer clear colored visors to suit all styles and preferences.


High-Quality Football Visor Clips

Our visor clips are one-size-fits-all, so you can use them with any football visor you own. Pick from a plethora of colors!

Chin Strap Covers

Colorful Custom Chin Strap Covers

Accessorize your helmet with a black chin strap cover, gold chin strap cover - or any other custom chin strap covers we have for sale!


Custom Visor Stickers For Helmets

Long-lasting cool stickers for helmets let you personalize your kit. Loads of designs are available, all of a premium quality!


Creatively Brilliant Custom Visors

With a SLEEFS visor you can own custom football visors that help you stand out on the pitch. Our colored football visors are the perfect choice for you.


Save Money On SLEEFS Visors

Use our SLEEFS promo code to enjoy a SLEEFS discount and get 50% off your purchase.