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In this holiday gift guide 2022, you’ll find gift ideas for women, gift ideas for men, and gifts specifically for people with an interest in sports. Read on to learn more.

Arm Sleeves

Arm sleeves are one of the best runner gift ideas out there. These let runners transition between long and short-sleeve wear on the fly. They’re great for anyone who runs in undulating terrain or in changeable weather.

At Sleefs, you can get forearm sleeves or a custom arm sleeve that conforms to the length of the arm. You can also get compression arm sleeves. Like other tight sleeves, research demonstrates that these may accelerate athlete recovery. They are an extremely helpful piece of sports apparel that runners don’t always consider.


If you’re struggling with baseball gift ideas, you might want to consider hoodies. Not only do they keep athletes and trainers warm, but they look great at the same time.

Football Visors

It can sometimes be hard to come up with new football gift ideas, especially if you are buying for someone who already has all the kit. But with football visors, you may be able to add to their repertoire. These fit the upper part of a standard football helmet and are typically scratch-proof, fog-proof, and UV protective, available to purchase with gift cards.

Neck Gaiters

If you’re looking for the ultimate gift ideas under 50$, then neck gaiters could be it. These sport wear accessories cover the nose, mouth, cheeks, and neck, protecting athletes from the sun, wind, and cold. They’re essential for anyone who loves skiing, mountain biking, or hiking at tropical, elevated, or arctic latitudes. The sweat-wicking fabric keeps the wearer dry and comfortable at all times.

Compression Shorts

Runners, cyclists, and other sports enthusiasts rely on compression shorts. These aerodynamic garments help them go further, faster. Not only do compression shorts reduce wind resistance, but they also increase the flow of lactic acid, leading to quicker recovery after exercise. They may even increase blood flow, helping muscles to warm up more quickly for better performance.

Football Turf Tape

Football turf tape protects the skin from abrasion if it makes contact with either natural or synthetic turf. It gives footballers the confidence to slip and slide in tackles while avoiding hurting themselves.


Headbands have long been essential sport apparel. These sweat-absorbing, moisture-wicking accessories help to keep the face dry, enhancing concentration and helping people avoid the need to constantly wipe their brows.

Knee Pads

Anyone who plays basketball needs knee pads. These protect their knees and shins on slippery courts. As far as basketball gift ideas go, they are among the best.

Knee pads come in various sizes and colors. They fit snugly around the knee and lower leg, providing the wearer with padded protection, and helping them to avoid injury.

Football Towel

Lastly, football towels are a great way to spend holiday gift cards in 2022. These items provide a thick, absorbent layer for lapping up sweat and keeping hands dry during important matches.