Hue Deep Teal Turf Tape
Hue Deep Teal Turf Tape
Hue Deep Teal Turf Tape
Hue Deep Teal Turf Tape
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Hue Deep Teal Turf Tape


The purpose of turf tape is to help protect your skin against a number of different injuries. At SLEEFS, our turf tape is made for maximum flexibility to ensure it fits around your body and joints, providing plenty of protection while maintaining a level of breathability. Whether you're looking for turf tape for football or just turf tape for your arms, we offer a high-quality product that is easy to cut and completely free of latex.

SLEEFS also offers turf tape in a variety of different designs. Find that regular white turf tape is a bit boring? Then why not change it up with a colored design or something with a unique phrase or message over it. It'll add a bit more flair to your sports outfit or uniform while also keeping your skin safe.

So if you're searching for the best protection for your skin, consider using our SLEEFS turf tape. It provides maximum flexibility, durability, and comfort. It's the best turf tape for breathability and a single roll can last several games when used correctly.

  • Protects skin against turf bruises
  • Last up to 5 games. Both arms for adult
  • Perfect for Football or 7 on 7
  • Flexible material provides maximum comfort and mobility
  • Air-permeable construction for increased breathability
  • Easy to cut for quick application
  • Latex free
  • 5.4 yards x 4 inches wide

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