High-Strength Football Mouthguards

Protect yourself with cool mouthguards that reflect your style! From a gold football mouthpiece to a white mouthguard, there's bound to be something that suits you.

Tapes & Grips

Protective Turf Tape For Football

Say goodbye to turf burns with our turf protection tape. We have white turf tape for elbows, as well as black turf tape that's the best football arm tape around.


Sweatbands For Men and Women

Use a sweatband for hair to keep sweat from your face and prevent hair from blocking your view. Available in a whole host of incredible designs!


Perfect Wrist Sweatbands For Workouts

Our workout wristbands soak up sweat and help you during your sessions. Pick from a range of colors to suit your workout outfits.


Cool Stickers For Customization

Choose from our stock of trendy stickers to customize your outfits and equipment. We have small stickers and large ones, all in funky designs.

Back Plates

Custom Football Back Plates

Our custom football back plates will protect you with incredibly strong and durable materials. These football plates are available in many colors and sizes.


Uniquely Designed Cool Lanyards

Designer lanyards are the perfect accessory to hold your badges in. A lanyard badge holder protects your credentials and adds some style to your outfit.


Lanyard Offers & Accessories Discounts

Get a SLEEFS discount on lanyards and other accessories with a special discount code to help you get more with your money!