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Hue Sky Blue Pro Sports Durag

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Choose a pro sports durag from SLEEFS to gain practical and style benefits. Designer durags are available in a wide range of different styles, colors and shades. The right durag will allow you to make the ultimate personal statement at the gym, on the field, or in the middle of a game. Durag styles look exceptional and will immediately catch the eye. Our cool durags are also designed to be comfortable with a silky feel that athletes adore. The long tail provides a secure fit and this sports gear will fit most head sizes.

The pro sports durag provides unique benefits during a workout. It will keep the sweat off your face and out of your eyes, ensuring that it doesn't distract you during a game. Cool durags are also designed to maintain difficult to manage hairstyles such as waves by locking in moisture. By the end of a game your hair will look great and your head will feel cool. A pro sports durag provides a cool, stylish, groomed look at the end of a workout that is difficult to replicate.

Pro Sports Durag Features

  • Fit most head sizes
  • Long tail provides secure tying
  • Moisture wicking fabric controls sweat