Hue Orange Long Soccer Leg Sleeves

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Keep your legs safe and protected during a long match with soccer leg sleeves from SLEEFS. A soccer sock sleeve will protect your legs from issues such as shin splints and sore muscles. Leg sleeves can also help improve blood circulation, reducing issues with muscle fatigue. This will allow you to stay out on the field for longer and achieve your maximum potential.

Other benefits of this sports gear include keeping your feet dry. With innovative technology the leg sleeve soccer players use are designed to keep moisture levels under control and prevent your feet from getting drenched in sweat. The compressed design also works to keep your legs cool and comfortable throughout a match. Extra padding ensures that the sport equipment keeps crucial areas of your leg protected including your ankles and your knees.

Soccer leg sleeves are available in a wide variety of different styles. So, you can add your own flair to your kit while gaining the practical benefits that you need. The leg sleeves are also designed from fabric that will feel comfortable for hours. You won't need to worry about issues with chafing or irritation using this sports accessory.

Soccer Leg Sleeve Features

  • Adult sized soccer leg sleeves / socks
  • Top quality nylon/spandex blend fabric helps feet stay dry
  • Stay Dry with moisture wicking material
  • Pre-Cut and stitched
  • Tube Sox
  • Ribbed Elastic
  • Full Graphic Print

100% comfort guaranteed, machine wash cold, dry inside out.

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