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Football Turf Tape

what does turf tape do

Just because you play football doesn’t mean you don’t want to avoid unnecessary injuries. Turf tapes are popular in sports as they prevent burns on the upper and lower body. Thanks to Sleefs, you can go to battle knowing our turf tape selection will keep you protected.

Whether it’s white or black turf tape you’re after, our extensive range of football turf tapes is ideal for players.

football turf tape

Who Wears Turf Tape?

Pretty much every footballer player, from amateurs to professionals. Football arm tape is another form of protection against burns and nasty injuries. Just place it on your elbows and knees and let the tape do the rest.

Sleefs’ turf tape for arms and legs and our football abrasion tape products are all you need to play safely.

Contact us now to find out more about football elbow tape and what turf tape does to help.