Why Basketball Players Wear Arm & Leg Sleeves

Why Basketball Players Wear Arm & Leg Sleeves

The game of basketball is a fast paced sport with the body always in motion; specifically the arms and legs. Athletes are often seen trying to stay loose or “keep their body warm” in preparation for gameplay. One method that players found was beneficial was the use of basketball arm and leg sleeves.

Use of Basketball Arm Sleeves

As a basketball player, your arms are needed to shoot, pass, play defense and dribble. It is vital for players to keep their arms warm so sleeves provide compression to the area that has been activated through gameplay. As miniscule as it may seem, swelling and discomfort can be injuries that greatly impact a player's performance. Both arms are susceptible to these injuries, not just the shooting arm. Therefore, it is common for players to be seen wearing arm sleeves on both arms or the non-shooting arm. Regardless of which arm, these sleeves are often known as shooting sleeves in the basketball world. 

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Arm Sleeves Protection

There are also physical injuries that can occur because of the hardwood floor. It is very common for a player to hit the deck throughout the game and this can easily lead to cuts, abrasions or bruises. Arm and leg sleeves offer a layer of protection over the skin that decreases the chance for these injuries. Many sleeves now are preinstalled with pads that provide extra protection from hard hits to the floor or blows from opposing players.


Aside from all the medical contributions, one of the main reasons for wearing leg and arm sleeves is for fashion. As simple as it sounds, athletes like to look good and sleeves can be a flashy accessory to add some flavor to the game. Today, sleeves come in so many different colors and styles set to match any uniform. Players can even rock custom arm sleeves of their liking adding that extra swag. Players are aware that numerous pictures and videos are being taken so they want to look their best in hopes to play their best too.