SLF Radiante Camo Pro Calf Sleeve (Single)

SLF Radiante Camo Pro Calf Sleeve (Single)

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These calf sleeves for all sports compression colors offer protection for athletes of all ages (young or old). Choose from one of our popular colors, and make a statement during your workout. These cool calf sleeves are the most popular option for your calves, absorbing shock and protecting against injury. The perfect addition to an athlete's baseball, basketball, football or best calf sleeves for running! The sweet comfort of our sleeve allows you to maintain top speed without that annoying burn in the back of your leg.

Running calf sleeves provide enough compression to reduce muscle vibration and fatigue, improve blood circulation, recover faster, and stay warm without overheating. With a strong yet soft texture and moisture-wicking properties, this is the perfect balance of comfort and performance needed by athletes. Two layers of fabric in blended materials for an attractive look and feel, this fabric is incredibly soft. The soft wool wicks away moisture keeping your skin dry and comfortable and with modern styling, you'll look great wearing these.

Calf Sleeves Features

  • 100% Lifetime Warranty
  • Quick Dry
  • Washable (Machine)
  • Solid colors available
  • Patterns/Designs
  • Spandex Fabric
  • Breathable
  • Imported

Whether athletes are wearing them under their uniforms or around the house, SLF Calf Compression Sleeves provide a consistent yet comfortable amount of pressure to your calves, providing muscle support and relief from cramping. INJURY PREVENTION COMPRESSION - Gradual compression starting at the ankle helps increase circulation, helping you recover quicker and preventing future injuries. Perfect calf sleeves for cycling, running, basketball players who want to jump higher, volleyball, softball and more! COMPRESSIBLE NON-SLIP MATERIAL - Extremely durable, yet thin enough to be worn underneath pants or other clothing - specially designed non-slip silicone design with each sleeve at the top will keep them in place.

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