SLF Pattern Black Gold Bonnet


Elevate Your Style With a Unique Men's Hair Bonnet

Stylish hair bonnets by SLEEFS are the perfect accessories to take your outfit to the next level, protect your hair from friction and pollutants, and enhance your sports performance by keeping hair strands away from your eyes.

SLEEFS men's bonnet collection is packed with stylish, luxurious hair bonnets for men and wide headbands perfect for any occasion.

Efficiency and Aesthetics Combined

The best men's bonnet hair? The one that combines efficiency and aesthetics! At SLEEFS, our fashion designers and texture experts have created a collection of bonnets that will softly keep your hair in place while also adding a unique touch to your outfit.

Looking to wear yours at night? SLEEFS's men's bonnets are designed with a no-tight elastic system that won't pull your skin or constrict your head. So, you can wear your SLEEFS headband throughout the day or at night!

SLEEFS Hair Bonnet For Men: Premium Materials For Softness and Durability

No matter whether you are looking for bonnets for curly hair, bonnets for black hair, or men's hair bonnets for sleeping - you'll find the perfect one for your needs in SLEEFS's new collection!

Each of our men's hair bonnets is created by using the highest quality satin or silk to keep your hair in place while keeping your strands protected from friction, sweat, pollutants, and humidity.

Bonnet Features

  • 80% polyester and 20% spandex
  • Silky feel
  • Fit most head sizes