Hue Dark Green Cotton Headband

Hue Dark Green Cotton Headband

  100% Life-time warranty  

Our cotton headband combines practicality with style and comfort to create the perfect accessory that can be used for any sport or fitness activity. These versatile wide cotton headbands are suitable for every type of athlete whether you are working out in the gym or playing on the field.

The cotton workout headband is designed to keep sweat from dripping into the eyes. This allows you to focus on your fitness, ultimately achieving your fuel potential. These headbands are designed to be comfortable and you will barely notice that you are wearing one. At the same time our SLEEFS cotton workout headbands help to absorb and evaporate sweat as soon as it touches your skin. When you wear one of our headbands, you wonÕt have to worry about sweat irritating your skin during an intense workout.

Features Of Cotton Headbands

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Different patterns and designs
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable
  • Quick to dry

A cotton headband exercise accessory will keep your head dry during any type of workout, ensuring that you can focus on achieving your a-game. Whether you are playing basketball, going running or working out at the gym, this is the ultimate piece of kit you need.

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