Ha Ha Ha White Knee Pad

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Keep your legs comfortable and protected while working out or playing sports with the right knee pad from SLEEFS. These knee pads are designed to feel like a second skin so you barely notice them while they are being worn. The tight design also ensures maximum levels of protection with sun protection of UPF 50+. The knee guard always provides high levels of compression. This makes it an essential piece of sports equipment.

The football knee pad is both tough and durable. It will withstand the test of time and won't rip even if you do sustain a fall. This football gear is also available in a variety of different designs. As such, you can choose a knee guard that matches your style perfectly. From graffiti artwork to more unique designs the choice is yours. Knee pads are one of the most popular football accessories providing both style and practical benefits alike. Our pads are designed to provide an ergonomic fit and will stretch to fit any leg shape or size.

Knee Pad Features

  • Second skin feeling
  • High level of sun protection
  • Colorful stylish designs
  • 6 thread flat-lock technology to prevent seam tears