Colorful Arm Sleeves For Kids

We sell youth football arm sleeves and basketball arm sleeves for kids. All of our youth compression sleeves are available in different sizes and styles.


Kid's Neck Gaiters & Headbands

Keep your child warm with our kid's neck gaiters or keep the hair out of their face with some custom children's headbands.


Protective Kid's Football Visors

Highly protective kids helmet visors that will keep your child as safe as possible. We have kids' cool visors that the little ones are bound to enjoy.


Apparel & Tights For Kids

Our kid's apparel range is extensive and includes children's tights, kids cleat covers, children's winter tights, and so many other items.


Accessories & Mouthguards For Kids

A youth football mouthguard protects your kid's teeth, and you can also buy a custom kid's chin strap cover and other incredible accessories.


Silicone Wristbands for Kids

High-quality youth Silicone Wristbands made with excellent materials and sold in cool designs that kids will love.


Enjoy Kids SLEEFS Accessories Discounts

Use our special SLEEFS promo code to get up to 50% off your kid's accessories purchases!