Sleefs Athlete

A SLEEFS Ambassador has a lifestyle dedicated to living fit and healthy! Some are students, trainers, professional and non-professional athletes, while others just embody and follow a health everyday life. Most importantly, SLEEFS Ambassadors must be passionate for SLEEFS gear!

USA applicants only

Become a SLF athlete today!


After approval, you will receive an email confirmation welcoming you into our SLF program! The confirmation email will have the following: your very own gift card for the month to purchase which ever items you'd prefer, as well as a request to access your instagrams content for monthly post engagement.

 Monthly gift cards are not guaranteed; based on photos posted and the engagement receive; will then qualify the athlete for the following months gift card and so on.


All SLF athletes will have the opportunity to win an EXTRA $25 gift card in addition to original monthly gift card with the submission of a product video review.


  • MUST follow both @SLFathletes and @Sleefs
  • In feed post must be up for 24 hours. 
  • Photos must be active sports or activities related shots
  • Content must have a clear view of the product used. 
  • @SLFathletes MUST be tagged in all post 
  • Likes MUST NOT be hidden
  • BONUS A product review on our website will get you an extra gift card in your next monthly post.

SLEEFS reserves the right to remove any athlete from the program or terminate the program completely at any time. SLEEFS athletes are to present month post in order to move forward within the program.