Why Soccer Players Wear Arm Sleeves


Soccer is the most popular sport in the whole world, yet, something so prominent as arms sleeves is rarely seen in the game. Sports fans so often see sleeves in football, baseball and basketball but soccer is never correlated. 


 In 2020 French star, Paul Pogba, started wearing an arm sleeve that sparked some attention. There weren't any special styles on the sports arm sleeves, it was just the fact that a major soccer player was wearing one. This type of phenomenon could possibly be the start of a fashion trend just as Allen Iverson did in the NBA when he first started wearing an arm sleeve. 

Protective arm Sleeves under Weather Conditions

One reason soccer players would be seen wearing arm sleeves is because of climate. Teams play in all conditions and being that it is a worldwide sport, some venues may feature temperatures much colder than normal. Players typically have two types of uniforms; short sleeve and long sleeve. Arms sleeves may not be as commonly worn because of the fact players are already wearing a long sleeve. However, for players wearing short sleeves they may choose to wear an arm sleeve to go with it. 

Arm sleeves have never been a bad option because they regulate heat. In any sport, heat regulation is important to keeping the body fresh but even more important in outdoor settings. Some soccer players have come to love the nylon material that most compression arm sleeves are made of and found that it actually is more comfortable for them during play. Most arm sleeves are made with UV protection that allows players to ensure enhanced protection from the sun. 

While sports like football and basketball feature players wearing leg sleeves, this is very uncommon in soccer being that their legs are already covered. Soccer players have traditionally worn high socks to cover their shin guards without the need for leg sleeves.