Why Do Players Wear Volleyball Arm Sleeves?

Padding and volleyball arm sleeves add an extra layer of protection

In a lot of cases, volleyball arm sleeves help to add an extra layer of protection between your arms and the ball. They take some of the sting out of receiving the ball and you may also find that it gives you a little more support in the elbow, which is crucial if you have weaker joints or muscles. Elbow pads for volleyball come in a huge range of colors too, so it has never been easier to find one that suits your team’s colors.

Sports sleeves for friction prevention in a volleyball defend position 

This advantage probably applies more to experienced players who are very familiar with hitting the ground quite a lot. That being said, it is very normal to feel hot and humid. Diving for the ball can be difficult as well due to the extra friction. If you dig and defend quite a lot, then arm sleeves volleyball could well be a good investment. Some volleyball sleeves come with elbow padding as well so you can avoid sliding across the floor too much.

Volleyball arm sleeves and temperature control 

This is not going to apply to all players, but at the end of the day, a huge amount of players can relate to being super sweaty when playing sport. Your setter probably won’t be too happy if you are always chucking them a ball that is covered in slippery sweat. Volleyball arm sleeves can help out quite a lot here. If possible, you need to try and find a sleeve that is made out of a material that is somewhat absorbent. Sleeves are also ideal for controlling the heat of your body too, and this can reduce your general output of sweat in the desired area.

Volleyball arm sleeves for compression

There are so many volleyball sleeves out there and they are not exclusive to the sport of volleyball either. If you look at all of the  sleeves that are available, then you will soon see that compression sleeves tend to offer benefits to athletes and they can also help you to loosen up your muscles too. This can help a great deal with blood circulation, and it also helps to prevent swelling too. In the world of volleyball, you may find that you do a lot of repeated moves with your arms and that this can cause a lot of tension, but by wearing  compression bands, you can easily prevent this.

How popular are arm sleeves for volleyball?

Arm sleeves are incredibly popular in the world of volleyball, and they really do offer so many benefits. If you want to take advantage of them then finding the right sleeves is crucial. With the right sleeve, you can boost your performance while also giving your body the support it needs to make the most out of every moment.