Wearing a Face Mask for Virus Protection Doesn’t Have to Be Without the Fun

In the months since the COVID-19 pandemic has spread around the world, there has been a dramatic paradigm shift wherein not wearing a face mask in public has suddenly become the more noticeable, more unusual behavior. Just a few short months ago, most people wearing face masks outside of hospital settings were looked at askance by passersby; now it’s the unmasked drawing sidelong glances, because as science has proved again and again, wearing a face mask can slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives.

So now that we’re all wearing masks, why not have some fun with the new normal? There’s no reason not to choose a bright and colorful face mask or one with a funny print.

SLEEFS offers superhero face masks, graffiti print face masks, patriotic face masks, and many more. We are proud to be part of the push to make wearing a face mask in public during this lingering pandemic not only normal, but even fun or, in some cases, powerful.

These days, as other events also sweep across the American landscape against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, many people are choosing to use face masks to make political statements. And what a powerful way to make your voice heard: literally putting your message right in front of your mouth. From masks encouraging people to practice proper social distancing (like our “IF U CAN READ THIS U TOO CLOSE” mask to one simple reading “SOCIAL DISTANCE”) to masks with the world famous peace symbol (a perfect choice for the protestor) to religious motif face masks, we understand that many people these days want a face mask that helps them express themselves, whether that means as part of their stylish apparel or as part of their political voice.

Beyond the many prints of cloth face masks for COVID-19 protection we and many brands like us offer, it has also been a thrill to watch all the innovation out there. One of the most brilliant face masks we’ve seen is a clear face mask for deaf people’s benefit. These masks are partially made from fabric but have transparent plastic panels in front of the mouth so that anyone who is hard of hearing can see the speaker’s mouth and read their lips. Clear face masks for hard of hearing people can essentially restore communications that would otherwise have been severed between anyone who did now know how to use sign language.

Another wonderfully clever and cheerful face mask trend we have seen is people getting custom printed face masks of their own faces. At a glance, someone wearing one of these masks might not even look like they are masked at all, until you notice that their expression is unchanging and the face seems a bit bigger than natural. Custom self portrait face masks are a great way to add some humor to your responsible behavior during the pandemic, and some even claim to be accurate enough to let a phone’s facial recognition software work, so they might just make everyday life a bit easier while you’re out and about.

Then of course there are face masks with positive messages of hope that just might bring a smile to other faces out there, though you’ll have to see the smile in the eyes, because those mouths belong safely behind masks. And those noses, too.