For Every Mask Sold, We’re Donating One Kids Face Mask

Giving away free products isn’t exactly the best business model. In fact, it’s a surefire way to run your business into the ground if you do it forever. But when it comes to protective cloth face masks, the more people who have and wear them, the less time they’ll even be needed, as wearing masks in public is one of the best ways we can all stomp out COVID-19 together.

Sleefs is Donating One Kids Face Mask to a Youth Shelter Every Time You Buy One, Because We’re All In This Together

If distributing a few free masks costs SLEEFS a few dollars but potentially stops a few coronavirus infections, we’re happy to take that haircut. And if giving out a few thousand masks means a bit shorter of a trim, we’re good with that too. Until the COVID-19 pandemic is under control, with every cloth kids face mask a customer buys, we will be donating a cloth face mask to a youth shelter.

We feel strongly that those boys and girls already struggling to achieve a normal life deserve the best possible chance of staying healthy during this outbreak, and we know our customers will agree, so it’s a win-win situation: the mask you buy to help keep your own children safer will also help protect a deserving but disadvantaged youngster somewhere else in America. It’s a simple one-to-one arrangement. Or two-to-two. Or ten-to-ten; the more masks we sell, the more we’ll give, and we’ll keep it up until the end of the pandemic is in sight.

Wearing a cloth face mask can keep you safe against coronavirus infection by preventing potentially infected droplets expelled from the nose or mouth of someone nearby from getting into your own body. When washed after each use and worn with straps properly secured, cloth face masks are an excellent barrier against illness, and they can also help a sick person avoid spreading their own germs as well.

But while it’s easy for most adults to conceptualize why it’s critical to wear a cloth face mask in public to flatten the curve of COVID-19’s spread and, ideally, ultimately end the spread of the virus entirely, youngsters might not fully grasp the import of mask wearing or else might simply dislike the idea of wearing a face mask – this will be especially true with younger kids, who may even be frightened of the idea of mask wearing 

To help soothe the concerns of children who are reticent to wear a cloth face mask, we designed out kids face masks with all sorts of fun, playful patterns. From masks with superhero imagery to sports iconography to bright and lighthearted designs (think colorful donuts to emojis) our masks for kids were made such that children will enjoy showing off their new unique piece of apparel. They will take comfort from familiar images or be amused by playful patterns or even inspired to do their part in the fight against the coronavirus by patriotic or heroic mask prints.

While they range far and wide in terms of print design, what all SLEEFS cloth kids face masks have in common is quality construction. These masks are made of with a breathable polyester exterior and a soft, comfortable cotton layer on the inside. They have elastic straps that can be adjusted for a snug but comfortable fit, and they are durable enough to be washed and worn repeatedly.

There will come a day when we all think back on how strange it was to be searching for the best face masks for kids and worrying about coming within six feet of our fellow human being and all the rest of it. But for today, we’re more concerned with getting great masks onto as many faces as possible, especially those who would not otherwise have them.