The use of Over the Knee high socks in Different Sports

Players vary with their style, some choose to leave their legs and arms exposed while others cover up head to toe. If you’re one that likes to have your leg wear on full display but also feel comfortable then the over the knee high socks are perfect for you. These socks offer full protection over your knees from turf burns or hits from other players. Since your whole leg is covered, these socks allow it to stay warm. Whether on the field or on the sideline/dugout preparing to go back out, it is important for your muscles to keep warm to prevent cramping. This is very critical for players who play in colder climates. 

How over the knee high socks help prevent injuries 

Over the knee socks add a stylish look to any game but also have many important benefits. To further explain the importance of warmth, an athlete's ability to perform extended periods of time is extremely dependent on keeping his/her body warm. When muscles get cold there is a higher chance for injuries to occur. Sports that have longer breaks such as baseball and softball are important when it comes to regulating heat. Sports with limited breaks such as football and rugby are more likely to feature athletes keeping warm by doing dynamic stretches or drills. Over the knee socks help prevent muscles from cramping or freezing up during downtime.

How to style over the knee high socks

Over the knee socks are one of the most popular styles in all sports. In baseball and softball, players have to wear long socks whether their pants are worn high or low. For players who wear their pants at their knees, over the knee socks are the perfect combination. Even if they prefer a low look, these socks can be worn underneath. In sports such as soccer and rugby, athletes typically wear shorter shorts so over the knee socks complement this look while keeping their legs protected. These are recommended to wear in sports where shin guards are needed. In football, players have many options for leg apparel but over the knee socks are a perfect choice for a relaxed yet sleek look. These socks can easily be adjusted right underneath the knee pads and stay put the whole game.