The Importance of Mouthguards

With football season around the corner and 7 on 7 tournaments starting to pick up, players all over are looking to expand on their football apparel. One of the most common but overlooked accessories is mouthguards. They are required in every aspect of the game yet lack recognition. It is important to first understand the use of mouthguards and how they protect players.

Football is all about contact, meaning any part of your body is vulnerable to big hits. Many players have a false illusion that the majority of their head/face is protected because of advancements in helmets, visors, etc but fail to realize that their mouth is susceptible to any hit. For example, a player may be tackled at the ankles, but the contact made with the ground can leave jaw injuries or broken teeth.

What a mouthguard does is provide a soft protective layer over your teeth to block out force from highly impactful hits. Think about if you’ve ever had a chipped tooth. The slightest chip can affect comfort in your mouth, how you eat, how you talk, or appearance. Imagine losing a whole tooth from a bonehead play that could have been avoided by simply wearing your mouthguard.

Look good, feel good, play good, right?

Players may argue that mouthguards are uncomfortable to wear or unappealing. This is a very common issue in football and Sleefs agrees that players should not have to sacrifice their appearance because of uniform policies.

Sleefs offers over 200 styles including animal prints, motivational messages, or culture related designs all with various colors. Most importantly, players should not have to worry about comfort when they play. Sleefs has a collection of “pacifier” style mouthguards granting maximum comfort and a pro level look. 

A football mouthguard provides a soft protective layer over your teeth to block out force from highly impactful hits.

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