The Benefits of Compression Tights for Exercise and Athletics

Athletes ranging from professional cyclists to NFL football players to power lifters may practice very different activities, but all tend to have one type of gear in common: compression pants. Whether worn in the form of compression shorts or full compression tights, this ubiquitous type of apparel belongs in the gym bag of everyone headed out for some serious exercise.

Compression gear is gaining appeal even among amateur athletes as the benefits of compression apparel become more widely understood. These benefits, in short are:

  • Better protection against injury
  • Reduced fatigue to muscles
  • More efficient blood flow and oxygenation
  • Better support for groin
  • Reduced delayed onset muscle soreness

Now let’s go through each of these benefits in more detail to help elucidate how compression pants can help improve your workout and sporting experience.

Compression Pants Can Reduce Chance of Injury

Compression gear can reduce the chance for a muscle strain and can make pulled muscles less severe than they would have been without the extra support. Compression tights also offer excellent protection against road rash for bikers of scratched up skin for someone playing sports on grass or a court.

Compression Tights Reduce Muscle Fatigue During Exercise

By offering extra support to your muscles, compression apparel can slow the onset of muscle soreness and reduce the intensity of the discomfort when you do start getting sore during exertion. 

Compression Gear Enhances Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery

Compression pants can increase the efficiency of blood flow, therefore delivering oxygen more efficiently to your muscles and keeping you able to go harder for longer and slowing the build up of lactic acid and soreness.

Compression Shorts Offer Groin Support and Protection

Men and women alike can benefit from compression pants for protection of sensitive groin areas. Both by supporting personal areas and by helping secure protective gear in place, compression pants are a must for keeping yourself safe. 

Compression Tights Reduce Soreness After a Workout

Your post workout soreness will be reduced and your recovery time shortened when you wear compression gear during a workout and when you put on a fresh pair of compression pants after cleaning up, too. Wearing compression pants after a workout can help reduce the soreness that comes on not long after an intense workout.

Whether you choose to wear compression shorts and compression socks, compression sleeves, or full compression tights, this type of apparel is important for helping make your workouts as productive as possible and for taking the sting out of intense exercise, too.

There is also an undeniable (and documented) mental effect compression apparel has on the athlete: once you are wearing your compression gear, your head gets in the game as you can literally feel yourself properly suited up for serious working out.