Sleefs Sticky Football Gloves

Sleefs sticky football receiver gloves provide a comfort fit and dynamic features to give players an advanced style of play. 

Compact and Weather Resistant 

These all-weather gloves are suitable for any condition and are equipped with grip to withstand any climate. Grip support is important in football and this durable, lightweight, sticky glove allows receivers to advance their catching ability. The interior provides a breathable feel designed to withstand sweat or unwanted moisture. All gloves also have adjustable velcro straps that can be tightened or loosened depending on playing style.

What are Football Receiver Gloves Used For? 

A receivers most important job is to catch the football. A player can run a crispy route, get open, and do all kinds of flashy moves but if the ball doesn’t get caught the play is a waste. Often times, Quarterbacks are firing that ball in there because they are under pressure or the ball has to be thrown with a certain amount of velocity to make the completion. As a receiver, not only do you need to protect your hands but you have to ensure the ball is securely caught. One of the toughest aspects of a receivers game is making catches in traffic. Sleefs sticky football gloves provide the perfect amount of grip to make difficult or routine catches. 


Cool Football Glove Colors and Styles


Sleefs football gloves are made with style giving players the opportunity to look good while enhancing their catch and grip ability. The primary glove colors are black, white and hue blue. Additionally, neon yellow is available for players who like to add some attention to their game. These gloves also come in three styles featuring “War Shark Jungle Camo” “Green Grin” and “Momma This One for You.” White and black football gloves traditionally have been the most worn because of their capability of matching any uniform. Now, there has been a substantial change in style as many players sport a variety of colors. One popular period is the month of October where players represent pink gear in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Among this gear is pink football gloves adding a flavorful touch to the full uniform. 

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