Sleefs Back Plate Decals

Use of football Back Plates- Back plates are essential for all football players. They protect your lower back area from dangerous hits and provide a cushion. If back plates are going to be used they might as well come with some style. Typical back plate designs offer the bare black look but back plate decals can add drip to your game. After all, it is a part of your uniform that does not go unnoticed. 

Intimidation Factor- An intimidating decal can really leave opponents questioning what type of player you are. There are players who have a certain build to them that can add an accessory to their game and automatically strike fear in others eyes. Decals such as “Beware of Dog” or “Speed Up” can have opponents thinking you either have a killer instinct or you’re extremely quick. 

Personality- Football back plate decals can also say a lot about a player's personality. While some athletes choose the intimidation factor, some prefer styles with their favorite sayings/figures. A few personable decals that Sleefs offers include “GOAT” “DANGER” or “VERIFIED.” There are also over 50 other designs with comical characters, patterns and fonts. 

Fitting- Sleefs back plate decals are made to fit almost any back plate in the market. The decals can be easily installed by aligning the screw holes with the backplate and pressing firmly to secure the decal. For those who are unsure about which back plate to purchase, Sleefs offers black and gold back plates that pair with any decal style.