National Coaches Day 2021

Why is There a National Coaches Day? - The reason for National Coaches Day is to recognize the time and support coaches give. Coaches have had an impact on millions of athletes all around, leaving a significant mark regardless of their success. Many athletes will never have the opportunity to step foot in a college or professional venue but will have lasting comfort in the joy they received from being part of a team. This glorious feeling all stems from the hard work and dedication coaches put into organizing their team. On a greater level, coaches have been a symbolic reason for many athletes' success. This is the reason why there are ‘Coach of the year’ awards and celebrations that recognize coaches. 

History of Coaching - Sports have been around throughout history but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the term “coach” began to be used. It wasn't until the early 20th century that it made its way to America. With the growth of sports during the mid 20th century, the role of the coach had become well established. In 1972, President Richard Nixon officially signed for October 6 of every year to be recognized as National Coaches Day. 

Importance of Coaches - Nearly 75% of people play or have played sports at some point in their life. Sports are loved by so many and throughout history it has been an integral part of our lifestyle. No matter what level of play an athlete has made it to, a huge contribution to their hobby/career has been their coaches. Coaches have instilled lessons within us that stick for life, lessons that are far greater than the sport itself. For many, learning and progressing as an athlete can be a difficult task without the help of coaching. Learning the game is one thing but coaches also serve as a mentor. There are countless mental aspects that athletes deal with on a daily basis. Coaches can often be the reassurance a player needs or the figure they look up to. For some who play with a heavy heart, their coach may serve as a mother or father figure to them. Players may often become frustrated with the feeling of constantly having to practice, attend meetings, etc. Meanwhile, the coaches are taking the time out of their day to do the same and that can generally come unrecognized. Take a minute to thank a coach today because without them, there are no sports.