Kids Compression: The Benefits of Compression Pants

These days, compression wear seems to be everywhere you look. You’ll see it on every college campus, at sporting events and gyms or fitness centers. The benefits of compression gear are many, even for children. Children who wear compression tights can benefit from quicker recovery times, improved circulation and shorter recovery times, not to mention, looking super cool!

That’s right, super cool! These days everyone’s favorite athletes are rocking these pants in the gym or on the playing surface. With SLEEFS Kid’s Compression Pants your kids could be just like their favorite athletes at a very affordable price. Whether they root for Steph Curry, Lebron James, or some other superstar, SLEEFS Compression Pants will get your kids feeling good about themselves and playing at the top of their game. Look good, play good as they say, not to mention they may even look better than the superstars due to SLEEFS awesome styles!

Unexpected Benefits for Those in Need

Another unexpected benefit to the snug fit of compression wear is the calming sensation it offers for those who struggle with sensory issues or are on the autism spectrum. Soothing pressure around the hips and trunk makes compression pants a natural choice for kids who have Sensory Processing Disorders.

Kids and Adults Can Reap the Benefits

Children’s compression tights offer smooth, soft material, free from seams. The material is lightweight, offering a slight squeeze to hug the legs ever so gently. They don’t look therapeutic, but they are. Kids will love wearing them all the time, not just for sports. Washable, breathable fabric makes SLEEFS compression tights durable, perfect for the rough and tumble kids who wear them. They won’t stretch or lose their shape over time, either. That means they won’t get clammy or wet. Our compression tights provide support in all the important areas, too.

Affordable and Accessible

When you shop with SLEEFS, you can choose from more than 200 awesome, eye-catching designs. Why wear what everyone else is wearing? March to your own beat with a wide array of wacky patterns and colors that no one else is going to have.

Our kid's compression tights are affordable, too, at just $25 per pair. If you buy a second pair, that’s just $15. New users can use code FIRST40 to receive 40% off your first order. Shipping is fast, too, so you won’t have to wait long for them to arrive.

After you’re done shopping for compression tights for the kiddo, you can a wide assortment of gear for yourself or someone else. Choose from compression tights and shirts, compression arm sleeves, socks, hoodies or bandanas. You can even purchase a gift card for the athleisure wear enthusiast in your life.

Compression pants will have the kids looking sharp on or off the field. Purchase matching patterns for them to match an adult, or just let them choose their own. The possibilities are endless with compression wear from SLEEFS. Shop now!