Latest: a guide to face covers and masks and what to wear


This guide will help you understand which is the right mask for you.

Neck Gaiters 

Price: $10 or 3 for $25

Most popular face covers in the market. A neck gaiter is a tubular bandana made out of polyester. It allows you to cover your face and also wear as many other ways (headband, bandana, etc.) without breaking the bank

Very easy to wear. Pull and down as you need. You can wear it in many ways. One size fits adults and kids—stretchy fabric.

Your face could experience discomfort after wearing it for long periods. 

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Basic DIY Mask

Price: $10

As the name says it this is a low-end mask that offers protection at an affordable price. It comes with two sets of resizable straps, in black and white colors for people who like to mix and match. 

Affordable price. Available in unique, different designs. Resizable straps.

DIY put in the straps. No face nose room. 

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Masks with Nose Shape

Price: $15

If you are looking for the extra face room, this is your mask. It comes with resizable straps for mask adjustment. 

Extra room for the face. Easy to adjust.

Ears could feel discomfort after wearing for long periods. 

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One-size mask with filter pockets

Price: $15

This style is the most common among young people. It comes as a one-piece mask and has a double layer that allows you to put in a filter inside. 

The most popular style. Very stylish. Extra inside pocket for filters. 

One size makes it limited for everyone to wear. Not useful if you need the extra nose room. 

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Reinforced Neck Gaiters 

Price: $20

This style is the same as your typical neck gaiter but comes with two layers on the front. The outer layer is 100% cotton, and the face inside layer is polyester.

The back of the neck gaiter features a mesh fabric that allows your neck to stay always fresh.

It allows you to cover your face and also wear as many other ways (headband, bandana, etc.) without breaking the bank.

Very easy to wear. Pull up and down as you need with the extra layer protection and comfort.

Fits Adults.

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