Why mouthguards are becoming an integral part of equipment

Whether you are stepping onto the football field, basketball court, soccer field, or even in the weight room, mouthguards are becoming an integral part of equipment across all of the different sports. They provide protection for your pearly whites which is super important with all of the contact that can happen during a fast-paced game or intense training session. What sets SLEEFS mouthguards apart from others is that they are super cool!

Why Do You Need a Mouthguard?

Having a mouthguard isn’t only about style or looking cool. The main purpose is for protection. Whether you get hit, slip or fall, or even just bite down hard to get some momentum, some serious damage can happen to your mouth or teeth. A dental bill could be pretty pricey. All of that can be avoided by wearing a mouthguard. That is the main reason you see some bright stars wearing mouthguards, not just in football where it is a requirement, but even in basketball where it is not the norm to wear such a piece of equipment. Watch a game or some highlights that feature players like Steph Curry or Jimmy Butler.  We bet you will see a mouthpiece. They aren’t doing it to look cool, but with SLEEFS designs that is an added bonus!

Be Protected in Style

SLEEFS cool sports mouthguards come in a variety of different designs. Whether you want to show that you are a beast, blessed, patriotic to your nationality, or someone you don’t want to mess with by rocking some fierce teeth, SLEEFS over the lip mouthguards are for you! Forget your traditional plain color mouthguards, get with the times and rock a cool mouthguard.

Match Your Team’s Colors

The glorious part about our various cool mouthguard designs is you will be sure to match your uniform. Whether you sport red, blue, green, black, gold, or another common color, we have something that will go with your uniform.

You can even do one better. After finding a cool mouthguard to match your team’s uniform, you can also shop SLEEFS to find some matching compression pants and a sweet arm sleeve. You can even find some of the same designs on our mouthguards or find some pants and a sleeve that are similar in color or neutral.

Shop Today and Save!

SLEEFS mouthguards offer protection and style at the best price! You can get a sweet looking mouthguard for $15. Heck, you can even get 2 of your favorites as part of our 2 for $25 deal. Shop our mouthguards today and not only look cool but play free and fearless as you will be protected from the worst!