Christmas Gifts ideas that makes your Shopping days better

With Christmas fast approaching, here is a list of some of the best products you could get a young or experienced athlete this holiday season. We have also prepared a Holiday Gift Guide for this year.



“Perfect for south Texas winters on the golf course. Easily taken off and out back on.” - Pete N.

Our compression tights not only will help keep you warm this winter, but they are also great fitting and can be used for much more than working out.

These tights can be used for compression underwear, to put under your jeans in place of regular, uncomfortable long johns.

Outside of the winter, these tights are great for performance. If you are lifting weights, or playing any field sports, these will keep you loose and protected from turf burns.

These tights range in price between $20 to $50 and come in 400+ designs from kid sizes to adults sizes. Finding the right pair for you or your family has never been easier or more fun!

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2-layer neck gaiter


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to shield yourself and wear a mask. Our 2-layer neck gaiters are not only great protection and are more comfortable than regular masks, but the thick gaiters also help keep your neck and face warm and stylish with the large variety.

One of the worst parts of winter is having your nose freeze up while you are outside. Keep your nose and neck warm as you also stay safe during the pandemic.

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Similar to our neck gaiters and our tights, our socks are both great for performance and their thick fabric allows you to have warm feet as well. The “one size fits most” allows the socks to be a great purchase for anyone and the hundreds of different designs fit with any uniform or taste out there.

These socks can help elevate performance as there is a cushioned heel for shock absorption, durability and comfort.

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Football leg sleeves


For the young football players out there who are not comfortable with wearing tights, our football leg sleeves are a must have. The comfortable, top quality nylon/spandex blend fabric helps legs stay dry, and helps legs Stay Dry with moisture wicking material

Not only do they protect you from turf burns, but our wide variety of colors makes it fit with almost all uniforms and team colors out there.

The “one size fits all” for kids and adults allows the option to gift to one player or a whole team to match and drip out together.

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Our top seller and one of the products with the most variety, our football visors can make or break a football uniform. Our wide variety of visors are perfect for any football player, young or old, and can bring together the whole outfit.

With our different tints, colors, and even custom visors, you can pull up to any game looking like the toughest player out there. While a majority of our visors are not allowed in game, you can also purchase one of our clear visors that are in-game approved.

Any football player at any level will love these visors and can vault you to “best gift giver” status.

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