American Football Day 2021

American Football Day vs the Super Bowl

Around the world, “American football” is formally known as soccer where it is glorified in nearly every country. “Football” in America has steadily become the new pastime and most popular sport. To honor the nation's love for the sport, American Football Day is celebrated every year on November 5th. The love for football in the USA runs deep. We already treat the Super Bowl as a national holiday and for those who don’t know, it is the least popular day to get married. Everyone is busy soaking in the excitement of the big game and all the activities that go along with it. This yearly event brings people together (or apart) in ways they would have never imagined.

American Football Day was created in a way for the sport to be recognized. Yes, American football is a sport that nearly everyone knows about but we often go through a routine. When football begins we are hyped up with emotions about our predicted outcomes for the season. We place bets and join fantasy leagues with friends/family. We host parties, attend games, go out for food/drinks. We even travel cross country to hopefully watch our team come out victorious. Next thing you know the regular season ends and if your team didn't do well enough you have to wait until next year to have a chance at winning it all. Regardless, things intensify in the playoffs and for those lucky enough to see their team succeed, you can feel the finish line. Finally, the BIG GAME. Everyone becomes a fan of someone that night because one of the teams has to win. We’re glued to our TV’s and loaded up on food and drinks. By the end of the night we have a winner and celebrate accordingly and by the end of the week we’re missing the sport we waited all year for. Then, for almost 6 months we wait impatiently for that thrill to come back with small glimpses of excitement like the draft, offseason trades and preseason games. 

The process gets repeated year after year so American Football Day is a way to say thank you to our appreciation for the game. This year it falls on a Friday so it can be enjoyed by attending your local high school football game or watching some primetime college games.