Momma Sticky Football Receiver Gloves
Momma Sticky Football Receiver Gloves
Momma Sticky Football Receiver Gloves
Momma Sticky Football Receiver Gloves
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Momma Sticky Football Receiver Gloves

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Next Level Grip with Innovative New Material

We're changing the game with a new range of athletic material to help you look and play your best. Ultra-sticky and lasting durability through any playing condition. Designed especially for its given sport and position, Sleefs gloves provide a personal feel to advance your game.

New lineman gloves are made with padded comfort to protect from opposing hits and wear & tear in the trenches. These gloves give an almost a soccer goalie type feel that protects hands/fingers but also has flexibility for players to get the best possible range of motion.

Receiver gloves continually made to help promote the best grip possible. These lightweight, sticky gloves are designed for athletes looking to make elite level plays while looking sharp.

Sleefs new batting gloves are ready to explode in the baseball world and match the same level of quality as our football gloves. These gloves are designed with a greppable, yet stretchy material to get the best possible hold of the bat and stay intact with every follow-through of your swing.


  • Sticky grip for ball security and secure catches
  • Fits loosely at the knuckles and fingertips for extended range of motion
  • Breathable, keeping hands cool and blocking out sweat
  • Low profile strap to adjust tightness to your preference


  • Sleefs logo design on strap
  • Different colors and styles
  • Designed in USA
  • Hand wash