Slime Mentality Red Spats / Cleat Covers
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Slime Mentality Red Spats / Cleat Covers

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The SLEEFS spats / cleat covers are made of tough non-woven 80% polyester and 20% spandex material.

They are manufactured with a seamless design for ergonomic fit and come with a 6-thread flat-lock technology for strength at the seams. The spats resist ripping and tearing and can be used in all weather conditions.

These cleat covers are great for any sport played on turf including Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, Baseball and Field Hockey.

Spats are sold in pairs.

All spats designs are designed in USA.


Spats have been a sensation in football apparel, and Sleefs just revolutionized the game. Traditionally, spats were handmade. An athletic trainer would wrap athletic tape around your ankle in a figure 8 motion to give the “spat look.” Sleefs presents these pre-designed Spats/Cleat covers that pair beautifully with any uniform or cleat combination. The spats can also be matched with Sleefs leg sleeves or tights. Aside from the drip spats provide, these cleat covers prevent turf beads from entering your cleats and keeps shoelaces tied.