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Hue Pink Bat Grip


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Ensuring you have maximum grip when you are playing baseball is essential. Our SLEEFS bat grip tape is the perfect choice for your baseball bat grip. It is lightweight, slip-resistant in all weathers, and is precut for easy installation. For anyone stepping up to the plate who is concerned about the bat slipping out of their hands, the comfortable textured surface offers an enhanced grip, and the additional bat wrap comes in a number of different patterns and styles to suit anyone's tastes, including black and white, geo gold white, and a classic gray camo. With a grip thickness of 1.1 mm, it is amazing for any player at any level. This softball bat grip is great for players young and old and the number of designs on offer makes it a cool bat grip that exudes style.

  • Replacement bat grip
  • Grip thickness: 1.1 mm
  • Comfortable textured surface offers enhanced grip
  • Lightweight for zero interference
  • Slip resistant when wet or dry
  • Shock-absorbing / reduces vibrations on contact
  • Great for players of all levels
  • Pre-cut for easy installation

Our bat grip tape doesn't just ensure you keep a grip on the bat so you can hit a home run, but it will protect everyone all around you. An excellent addition to anybody's baseball or accessory kit, our baseball bat wrap will help you keep a grip on the situation when staring down the pitcher.