Finesse Roses Gold & Silver Durag

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Keep your hair and skin protected during an intense workout by choosing the right durag from SLEEFS. Take a look at the different types of durags available including accessories in different colors and a variety of unique, stylish patterns. Our best durags are designed to look great whether you are working out in the gym, shooting hoops on the court or running down the field.

There are different types of durags available to suit individual preferences. Select from a variety of different styles and fabrics to find the perfect look and fit for you. Durags provide numerous benefits, preserving your hairstyle including waves. Waves are one of the most notoriously difficult hairstyles to preserve but a durag will keep the moisture locked within your hair, preventing it from frizzing. Football durags also provide other practical benefits, keeping hair and sweat out of your eyes during an intense workout. They can also be used to protect your skin from sun damage when you are working out in the open.

Our colorful durags are sure to help you make a killer impression and guarantee that you are the epitome of fitness style.

Durag Features

  • 80% polyester and 20% spandex
  • Silky feel
  • Fit most head sizes