Basic White Baseball Baseball Knee-High Socks

  100% Life-time warranty  

Sports socks can be a surprisingly important piece of clothing to consider wearing when you next play a sport or engage in serious physical activity. Of all the sports gear that you might buy, it's important not to leave out a good-quality pair of sports socks. It helps to keep moisture away to prevent conditions like Athlete's Foot, and it also provides additional protection. Athletic socks are also great for helping you be identifiable by matching your socks with the rest of your team.

We also offer a range of running socks which are great for your daily runs. We know that it can be tough to find a comfortable pair of universal socks that are great for any activity. But with SLEEFS, we stock only the best athletic socks that are built with quality materials and are made to last a seriously long time. Choose from a range of different colors and patterns to match your team or personal tastes.

  • Adult sized over the knee socks
  • Top quality nylon/spandex blend fabric helps feet stay dry
  • Stay Dry with moisture wicking material
  • Tube Sox
  • Ribbed Elastic
  • Use for any sport: Football, Baseball, Soccer

100% comfort guaranteed, machine wash cold, dry inside out

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