Baseball Grafitti Premium Lanyard

  100% Life-time warranty  

3 for $10

Choose an original lanyard from SLEEFs to keep key items safe and protected whether you are out on the field or in the gym. We have cool lanyards with unique designs that stand out and look incredible. You can explore colorful lanyards or lanyards for keys that are more discreet.

Lanyards can be used to hold anything from keys to mobile phone cases or whistles and even medical information. Whatever you need to keep on your person, you can keep it safe with one of our lanyards. A badge holder lanyard will clearly display your credentials so that you don't have to fumble around to access key areas. You can also choose a lanyard coach professionals need to keep items like their whistle close by during a match.

Our mens lanyard designs come in a wide range of different styles so you can always find the one that matches your unique tastes perfectly. We even have a selection of funny lanyards to bring a little levity to the pitch.

As a lanyard designer, you won't find our bespoke styles anywhere else allowing you to truly stand out. We provide the best lanyards to all athletes and sports professionals.

Lanyard Features

  • 21" long
  • Key chain ring
  • Suitable for carrying a wide range of items
  • Designed to be durable