The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Sleefs' products. If you have any other questions, please contact us at orders (at)

To download the Sleefs' arm sleeve template click here.


I need to get some sleeves done. How much is the minimum order?
It’s $250 for 50 sleeves (25 pairs). First order ships free!!!


How much is that per sleeve?
$5 per sleeve.


If I want to add grippers to my sleeves, so it prevents the sleeves from rolling down. Is there a fee for that?
Yes. They cost $.75 per sleeve. This is only recommended for athletes sleeves.


Does Sleefs customize other products besides sleeves?
Yes. For more details about products and prices please email us at orders (at)


I want to order over 500 sleeves, do I get better pricing that $5 per sleeve?
Yes. Please email us at orders (at)


I am ready to place my order. Who do I contact?
Just email us: orders (at) Daniel, Jaime or Armando will be in touch with you immediately.


How much can I sell the sleeves for?
Sleefs retail between $13-$15 single or $20 a pair depending on the crowd and your stock.


Can you print one pair of sleeves?
No, sorry. At this moment we can only do minimums of 50 sleeves (25 pairs).


Why would I sell one sleeve if we have two arms?
A lot of sports use one sleeve, basketball, baseball, softball, etc. But you can also sell them by pairs. All depends in the activity you are selling them in.


Are there any shipping charges in custom orders?
First orders are always on us. Free shipping in all first orders is made via FedEx Ground.


How long does it take to get my custom Sleefs order?
Usually takes up to 3 weeks depending on production and the season.


Can you make them faster if necessary?
Yes. We can rush the order to only 10 days for an extra fee of 25% more of the total price of the order.


Can you make one sample for my team?
Yes, we can. There will be a fee of $25 for the sample pair and a set up fee of $100. The $125 will be credited to you when placing a bigger order.


Can you custom design the sleeve for my team?
Yes. Sleefs has a designer fee of $125. This includes designing time and approvals. Please note we want you to feel satisfied with the final artwork and our designers need to get compensated for their time. 

All orders over $500 get the design fee waved.


I have my own design. Do I have to pay any extra fees?
No. Just submit the design in PDF, EPS or PSD format using our template.


Where do I get the Sleefs’ templates?
To download the Sleefs' arm sleeve template click here.


Why do all my sleeves have a small SLEEFS logo on them?
The SLEEFS logo will be added to all sleeves unless the client supplies the design in a proper format, ready for production.


Can you remove the SLEEFS tags from the inside of the sleeve?
Yes. Sleefs requires a minimum order of 1,000 pieces so your order can be run on a separated production line.


Can you add my own custom tag?
No. At this moment we are not capable of adding custom tags.