Hue Pink and Sky Blue All Sports Mouthguard


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If you play any type of sport, mouthguards are a must. After all, the last thing you want is to lose your teeth due to a flying ball or a hockey puck. Whether it is rugby, boxing, American football, hockey, or cricket, a mouthguard is a must.

Athletes, no matter their age, are at risk of a dental injury when playing sports. While a mouthguard cannot prevent an accidental elbow from hitting you in the mouth while enjoying your favorite sport, it can significantly reduce the amount of damage you experience. This will help to keep you protected while reducing the number of dental visits you need to make.

Sleefs mouthguards tick all of the boxes

Here at Sleefs, we have a great range of mouthpieces for sports for sale. You will have no trouble finding the mouthguard you need for your requirements when shopping with us.

  • We have mouthguards for all sports, from hockey to football
  • You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles
  • Our mouthguards have been expertly constructed to offer maximum protection
  • We have mouthguards for all budgets and all ages


  • Dental protection from hits and impact
  • Fits in pockets of most helmets
  • Soft cushion for protection of teeth and gums


  • Adult, Kid and small sizes
  • Made from top grade silicone
  • Shock absorbing design for increased protection of the upper and lower lips
  • Used for all sports

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