10 Reasons To Make This Sports Fashion Statement

Arm sleeves, or sometimes called basketball and shooter sleeves, are trending as a sports attire favorite. Here are 10 reasons to load up on these stylish sleeves.
  1. You can toss the hoodies and keep your arms warm: If your friends haven't told you, hoodies have become a bad idea. Beyond the fact that the age of the hoodie is waning, in some places they can even land you in legal hot water. More on that further down the list.
  2. Your team or school logo will get more attention: I think by now most everyone's perception pretty much filters graphic tees. So while your team or school logo on your t-shirt will go pretty much ignored, a sport or college arm sleeve will get second looks.
  3. They double as wall art: Hang them on the wall like pennants. Now you have long form wall art of your team's logo without making your space look like it came out of 1975. 
  4. You can double your graphic statement: Still want to wear a graphic tee? Go ahead and mix it with your arm sleeves to show off two of your favorites. Wear a Yankees tee and Red Sox arm sleeve and prepare to be questioned for multiple personality disorder.
  5. They come in handy if you find an obstacle course: That's right. Obstacle course racing is a trending sport. If you lean toward those kinds of extreme sports, best to know that arm sleeves with special grips are available to give extra traction throughout muddy courses.
  6. You get to add something new to your wardrobe and still look like you weren't thinking: Part of the reason we love wearing sports clothing is that it helps us look like we don't care about what we're wearing.
  7. They're not just for playing sports, but few people know that yet: There's still time to look really cool. Outside of players and the hardcore fan base arm sleeves are just catching on.
  8. Your arms can stay warm in Oklahoma without getting fined: That's right, Oklahoma has nearly made the hoodie illegal, so best to stock up on arm sleeves. You can be fined up to $500 if caught wearing a hoodie for purposes of concealing your identity.
  9. You can buy a crap-load of them and still have drawer space: They won't overflow your drawers like your former graphic tee addiction. You can fit about three times as many arms sleeves as t shirts in the same space.
  10. You can pocket them if they get too warm: How many times have your put on a jacket because your arms are cold, only to find that it's really too warm to be wearing a jacket. You don't really need a full jacket, an what do we do with the jacket if you take it off. Carry it? Tie it around your waste? With arm sleeves you can just pocket them when they aren't needed.