We Spend Over $60 Billion A Year On This

Athletic wear accounts for almost half the money spent on sports related stuff. As the largest segment of the $63 billion dollar sporting goods market, our work-out attire, especially those articles which have been stamped with sports team logos, account for a good bit of the money spent on all clothing. Clothing itself is the second largest market segment after food. That's a lot of money on things to wear while we are at the gym or out playing on the weekend. A thousand years from now, it may very well happen that people scratch their heads at these sports symbols on our t-shirts, headbands, sweatpants etc.

Today, most everyone loves to show off their athletic wear. As consumers, we tend to purchase athletic clothing for two reasons. We buy and wear the stuff for participating in a sport or as a fashion statement, and most often for both purposes at the same time. Whether shopping for sports clothing for practical reasons or as a fashion statement, or as both, the best times to buy are when new merchandise, and new styles of merchandise, show up in stores . New things pop-up often enough in the athletic wear market, but it isn't all that often that new types of wear catch on as a trend. When a new type of athletic wear does catch on as a trend, it's boom time for the developers, makers, wholesalers and retailers of that new everyone-must-have piece of clothing. A new buzz-term has popped up for a new type of athletic clothing, "athleisure wear". What was wrong with "activewear"? Guess that one was getting old; it's been around since at least the 1980s. Anyway, athleisure wear is the trendy fashion for Hollywood, with the Hollywood Reporter recently quoting Nike's CEO as saying, "Leggings are the new denim."

Right now, one of the trendy pieces of athleisure wear are athletic arm sleeves. This is the must-have piece of sports related gear for the gym, game or walking around campus. These arm sleeves are sometimes called basketball or shooting sleeves. The origin of their popularity comes from an incident in the early 00s. In the early 2000s NBA player Allen Inverson started using the sleeves after trouble with bursitis in his elbow. For the past seven years, these sleeves have been one of the most popular items to carry NBA and team logos.

One of the largest makers of athletic sleeves is the company Sleefs, located in Florida. They manufacture arms sleeves with sport team logos, college insignia and country flags among other symbols. Colleges from all around Florida are represented in the Sleef's line of arm sleeves, and many more college insignia sleeves are in the works. They also makes sleeves with special grips for use in the growing sport of Obstacle Course Racing.

Love a sports team and you can find almost anything out there with the team's insignia on it. For those who prefer to wear something other than their favorite team's logo or college insignia, all kinds of colors, symbols and styles can be found on many different types of athletic wear. Shoppers will be spending more money this spring and summer, and will be looking for the most interesting and attention grabbing athletic or athleisure wear.on the market.