The Flag of Uruguay

The Oriental Republic of Uruguay, sometimes called the Eastern Republic of Uruguay or just Uruguay, is located on the eastern coast of South America. The current flag has been in use since 1828, with just one minor change made in 1830. The flag of Uruguay originally had eleven alternating blue and white stripes, with a golden sun against a white field in the upper left corner. In 1830, the number of stripes was reduced to nine, but the design remained otherwise the same, and has been used without change since that time. The nine stripes of the flag represent the nine provinces of Uruguay. They also reflect the fact that Uruguay was once a territory of Argentina, whose flag also alternates blue and white stripes. It also echoes the design of the flag of the United States, with its horizontal stripes and unique design in the upper left corner. The sun, called the Sun of May or the Star of May, has sixteen rays, each one divided in half by a thin line and alternating straight rays with wavy ones. The Sun of May was said to have appeared in the sky during a rally for independence from Spain in 1810, and its appearance was considered a sign that the efforts toward autonomy would be successful.