The Flag of Colombia

The Republic of Colombia was formed in 1819, when the region gained independence from Spain. Several South American countries banded together, and while many of them later became autonomous, the flag that was adopted for all of them remained with the territory that is now Colombia. The flag was adopted in the year of Colombia’s independence, 1819, and was inspired by the flag of Christopher Columbus. The flag of Colombia is made up of three unequal horizontal bands. The top half is covered by a yellow band, while the bottom half is occupied by equal blue and red stripes. The interpretation of the colors is not written into Colombia law, with the traditional meaning assigned to the colors is as follows: yellow stands for the sun and for the people. It also refers to the gold that has been discovered there. Blue represents the oceans—Colombia is the only South American country that has shores on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The red in the flag recalls the blood spilled in battle by those who fought to gain freedom for Colombia, and the independence they won.