The Flag of Brazil

The official Brazilian Flag is like a blue disc. This shape primarily represents a starry sky which is spanned by the curved band and is inscribed by the country's national motto. There are so many products out there that contain the Brazilian flags. But then, only few people are aware of the important facts about this flag. Before buying any kind of product which bears a Brazilian flag, you must learn first some of the information behind this national symbol. There are several sources stating that the modern Brazilian Flag was adapted officially on November 19, 1889. The concept of the flag is based from the work of Raimundo Teixeira Mendes and with the collaborative help of Manuel Pereira Reis and Miguel Ramos. In terms of the design, this was made possible by Decio Vilares. There are some changes in the designs of the current Brazilian Flags but the modifications are just considered as minor. Brazilian Flag History Right after the First Republic Proclamation, the lawyer and then recently appointed Minister of Finances and Taxation by the name of Ruy Barbosa suggested a design intended for the official flag inspired by the United States official flag. From November 15, 1889, the flag was then used for about four days. But when the 19th day of November in the same year arrived, Deodoro da Fonseca who was then the acting president, a field marshal and the Father of the Republic vetoed the first design. He claimed that this is a copy of the other flag of another nation. He was the person who suggested the royal flag which is inspired by the Imperial Flags. There was also a decision intended to replace the royal crest design in the initial flag and have a blue globe with stars replace the first one. The new design also comes with positivist motto. The main objective of this is to reassert the national unity in Brazil because of the transition from the Constitutional Monarchy to Republican model. The design of Raimundo Teixeira Mendes was presented to Fonseca and it was easily accepted. Colors, Designs and Meanings The current flag of Brazil is inspired by the previous Brazilian empire. The flag bears a green color. This was chosen in order to represent Imperial House of Braganza of Pedro I Emperror. On the other hand, the yellow color is used in order to represent Habsburg Imperial Family of Empress Leopoldina. She is the first wife of Pedro I. To sum, the colors green and yellow are the representations of the origin of Brazil's first Emperial couple, who are the Brazilian Monarchy founders. In the modern flag of Brazil, you can also find stars. These are positioned in the flag so that they will reflect the sky above the Rio de Janeiro. Each star represents a specific state. Whenever there is new state created, the number of these stars also changes. Before, there are just 21 stars present. But at this time, there are already a total of 27 stars. On the other hand, you can also find the motto which is Ordem e Progresso. In English translation, this means Order and Progress. This is a motto which signifies that the Brazilian people are always positive towards life.